Hello i’m Austin Cook! Thank you for visiting. I had a show on the Syfy network and everyone’s first question is…”is it real?” Absolutely 100% yes. Before I was on the show I always wondered the same thing. Since then i’ve had the opportunity to work with Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures & Paranormal Lockdown), Heather Taddy (Paranormal State) and a couple other legends and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they would never fake anything either. I have to tell you this one story. Come on….who doesn’t like a good ghost story?! Nick, Heather and I were shooting a pilot in Virginia City, Nevada and Heather told me a story about this time she was at an investigation and this massive dark figure manifested in a doorway and they didn’t even realize it until they watched the footage back. Yeahhhhhh Righhhht….I need to see it. So at about 1am that night Heather came to my room and showed me the footgage…it was arguably the freakiest thing i’ve ever seen on tape. It shows Heather and her friends chatting pretty close to the camera but far enough away that you can fit everyone in frame. It was dark but there was a red light from another room so you could see everything clearly. Set pretty far back was a doorway and a couple minutes into the tape you see a black figure of a person manifest right in the doorway. It didn’t step into the doorway, it appeared out of nowhere. Nobody reacted because it didn’t make a sound and they didn’t see it. It was just sitting there glaring at them. SOOOOO scary.

Anyway, yes I like all things ghosty…and drinky….So I started a Pub Crawl Ghost Tour called Booze and Boos. (www.boozeandboos.com)

People also contact me to go in and check what’s going on in their home, office, etc if they think it’s haunted. I don’t really do the “group” thing because i’ve noticed that the more people you have in a space the more contaminated an area is and the less likely you’re going to be able to come into contact with something. I go in the locations by myself and get the life scared out of me. One of my theories is that the energy of me getting frightened helps whatever is there to manifest. It’s just impossible for me to get scared of anything if there are 5 – 10 other people in there all fighting to ask Mr Ghost questions. My paranormal page is Restless In Peace (www.restlessinpeace.com)

I grew up in Franklin, TN which was put on the map by the Civil War’s Battle of Franklin. One of the most incredible stories of the Civil War is centered around one of the homes that was turned into a hospital, The Carnton Plantation. This house is riddled with incredible ghost stories. So many that there is a book written about the paranormal activity that takes place at Carnton. I was fortunate enough to have the author reach out to me about writing the Forward. Go buy it!!! 🙂